Conditioning is probably the most important part of our washing routine, in fact it’s probably the most important part of our hair care routine. Conditioning does more than just restore the moisture that was stripped from shampooing.

Applying a conditioner to your hair literally conditions your hair to improve its texture and appearance to one that is smoother and naturally shiny, see below how it does this.

Here are 6 reasons why you should not skip conditioning your hair:

  1. PH Balance – In its best state, the human hair and scalp has a pH between 4.5 and 5.5, this is slightly acidic. Washing your hair causes an imbalance in pH because water alone has an alkaline pH of 6 – 8.5. Conditioning restores this balance because conditioners have an acidic pH of between 4 – 5.5. This closes hair cuticles to stop hair from losing moisture that our naturally dry hair needs.
  2. Detangling – Our naturally coily hair tangles easily and this can result in hair loss through breakage. The best time to detangle hair is when it’s wet and protected by a layer of conditioning agents so it breaks less and experiences less damage because there is less friction than when it is dry. This also reduces the risk of split ends caused by friction.
  3. Promotes Elasticity – Conditioning hair results in improved elasticity, which prevents breakage. It does this by locking moisture within cuticles making hair flexible. Dry hair tends to be brittle and snaps easily when under tension.
  4. Natural Shine – A natural shine is what we are after. Conditioning leaves hair with a lustrous natural shine by smoothing and laying cuticles flat. Raised or open cuticles give hair a dull appearance and rough feel. Conditioner closes cuticles. This smoothening process that lays down the cuticles gives hair its natural shine and a smooth texture.
  5. Strengthens Hair – When conditioner is applied to hair, protein and moisture are deposited into hair strands, this strengthens hair against damage of daily handling and styling.
  6. Moisturises Hair – Kinky, coily, curly hair is naturally dry, it is not able to moisturise hair strands on its own, as is the case with straighter hair. Our natural hair requires an infusion of moisture often. For hair to remain moisturised, moisture must be sealed or closed within cuticle, conditioning does this, it closes cuticle and keeps moisture in the hair. Moisturised hair is softer to the touch and flexible to avoid breaking.